Bible-centered, Balanced.

An independent Baptist church serving Staten Island, New York.

Pastor Brian Balzamo was born and raised in New Jersey.  He has worked in the medical field in the areas of emergency medical service, patient transport and medical supply within the emergency room and operating room.

He received his ministry training at Ambassador Baptist College in Lattimore, North Carolina.  He received additional theological and practical training at Robertsville Bible Church in Morganville, New Jersey, under the direction of Pastor Ernest Brodie Jr. and Pastor Ernest Brodie Sr.  Prior to coming to South Baptist Church, he worked on church staffs in Michigan and New Jersey.

Pastor Balzamo desires by the grace of God to accurately expound and exemplify the Biblical text.  With the Holy Spirit guiding, he shows those he ministers to how to live a consistent, balanced, godly Christian life.

"There is much damage being done today by shallow, forced and emotionally-driven pulpits which steer people away from doctrine.  We endeavor to see lives built on sound doctrine.  It is sound doctrine that teaches us how to live.  Doctrine always becomes practical, therefore, we are dependent on it.  We want to disciple, train, teach and encourage people to think through the Bible for themselves.  They need to make the connection between what they believe (sound doctrine) and how they live." -Pastor Balzamo

In his free time, Pastor Balzamo enjoys cooking, reading and catching up on world news and politics.  He and his wife, Maria, have twin sons, Benjamin and Bailey.